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Portrait of Keli Squires Taylor by Daren Scott

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that ..

I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." - Annie Leibovitz

Keli Squires Taylor / ikeliphoto.com

Hi there, I'm Keli. Thank you for checking out my work. I really appreciate you being here.

For about 15 years now I've been  creating magazine quality photographs.

My approach to each photo shoot is it's all about creativity, having fun and creating images we both LOVE.

I care about you and your project. You will NEVER be treated like just another transaction. 

So.. I ask questions and I listen to you.  I find myself immediately looking for all of your best qualities. It's not just your physical attributes , it's also your beautiful energy, your personality that also speak to me and.. I see all of that when I photograph you.

It's why I love being a photographer. 

For years I shot thousands of headshots of actors, models, business people and I enjoy it.

Now, I am creating  Glamour and  fashion  portraits, boudoir, and pet portraits. And i LOVE it.

Check out my galleries and if you like what you see then let's go on a fun journey together.

You get to invest in yourself. And I will be there to support you every step of the way. - Keli 

What's a Glamour shoot?

A GLAM shoot as I like to call it is part fashion shoot, part boudoir shoot, part portrait. It's you feeling and looking your best and how YOU want to look.

If lingerie isn't your thing, no problem.. 

As part of our prep before we shoot, I'll listen to you about what you want. Next, I'll put a "mood board" together that will be our inspiration for wardrobe, hair / make-up, styling, light and mood for what we want to create.

I will go over your wardrobe with you  and style looks which is a huge time saver and really helps you feel INSPIRED.

This is when it gets exciting!

I'll send you videos before we shoot to help you get comfortable AND I'll give you great direction at our shoot.

You'll have fun and .. You'll love the results.


My portraits have been featured in The National Portrait Gallery , Washington D.C. , PEOPLE, US, OC metro, ELLE and many other national and international magazines.

I've had clients book tons of commercials, TV and film gigs too. ( See testimonials)

Always experimenting with new inspirations, I'm equally comfortable with natural light and studio light, and use both according to the needs of the project.

Doggie Portraits

When I'm not creating images, I am chilling with my dog children. My boy, Brando and my sweet girl, Zoey Kardashian West ( ZKW). Lol.. Just kidding. 

They both like to hang out and watch YouTube with me and learn new things. Btw.. Check out my blog here for all interesting and cool things that we love to share with you. 

My dogs also love to meditate with me.

Our favorite meditation app. is Balance ( see blog for more info) and the thing I love about Zoey and Brando is that they each have different looks, quirks and personalities.

And.. That's what I love about photographing dogs. It's finding their personality and bringing that to life.

If you like the way I photograph dogs and would like more information to set up a shoot for your pet, please contact me through the contact form below.

CoronaVirus and social distancing

If you're reading this then you're probably at home practising social distancing. Hey.. It's weird but ..It's what we gotta do. 

We will be back up and through this before you know it.

I am still receiving shoot requests and this time.. gives us extra time to design your shoot. So.. Let's make the most of it!

Contact me below about your project.

I'd love to collaborate with you.

And.. check out my blog for cool and interesting things that I like to share with you. 

Thanks for stopping by and we'll talk soon.


Keli Squires Taylor / Ikeliphoto.com

Hi there, thank you for reaching out.

Please, tell me what kind of photoshoot you want and why and the best way to contact you. 

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